Amy Childs - (Michelle) came to my salon and I gave her a makeover.  She's an inspiration and so brave.

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Peter Andre - You're a Star!!  I'm so proud of you!!  So glad you are here!! 

Michelle Peacock " Time to take My Life Back"  general release Feb 2014

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Michelle Peacock Foundation  .Amy Childs &Michelle 

​Jacqueline Stewart (Principal Downshire School) Michelle has been an inspiration to many people.  Our community greatly admires her courage, determination and positive attitiude - Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards 2012

Sprit of Northern Ireland award winner Michelle Peacock

Michelle Peacock Foundation
Peter Andrea & Michelle

Michelle Peacock fought cancer bravely for six years having been diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer at just 11 years old.Michelle sadly lost her battle to cervical cancer on the 27th Feb 2013 aged 17.

Michelle had grown into an extra ordinary young woman, winning many awards during her fight against Cancer whilst also trying to raise awareness.One of her proudest moments was when she won the silver Medal in the world renowned Pramerica awards for writing her book `Time To Take My Life Back`,to try and help others coping with the disease,to stay postive and to keep fighting.
Michelle had a great love of fashion, make up and looking fabulous! Even when the disease Tried to get her down she would do her hair, put on her make up, get her nails done and face the day with a smile,telling us all to Live-Laugh-Love 


Julie (Michelle’s Mum)

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    `Time To Take My Life Back` is a personal account by Michelle Peacock, a beautiful young teenager who describes her inspirational journey to overcome a rare form of cervical cancer. From diagnosis at eleven years old, the book documents Michelle’s six-year ordeal of endless treatments and operations, until her untimely death just three days after her seventeen birthday on 27 February 2013.


    Michelle tells her story in a fresh and direct style, giving account of the highs and lows of living with cancer, her reasons for remaining positive and her many coping strategies.


    In recognition of her strength, courage and fortitude, Michelle was awarded a “Spirit of the Community Award” by Pramerica Ireland. This award scheme seeks to recognise and encourage young people to be active citizens in their local community.


    The book portrays Michelle’s remarkable determination to maintain and carry herself with the utmost dignity; always ready to face the world with a smile, until the end, revealing her true passion for life, to Live-Laugh-Love.



    By Rhonda Brown


Michelle Peacock Foundation


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